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GAIA was born when its founder dreamt about the company as an entity that would build solid connections between brand and consumer.

The spark that ignited the idea came from an opportunity to provide quality solutions for client services at a time when market demands were very challenging.

Over 15 years and 500 events later, GAIA has securely built its reputation providing unparalleled strategic management in corporate events, conferences, brand activations, fashion shows, and more.

Our vision is to continually push boundaries and redefine engagement in the world of events and modeling.



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Mutual Respect

We strongly believe that mutual respect is the key to successful collaborations.   We find that it is the foundation which fosters the open discourse of aspirations, intentions, and expectations.
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For us, trust means embodying a high level of integrity and reliability into daily tasks and habits, which undoubtedly promotes a fluid working environment; both internally and externally.

When we possess a good degree of trust, we are able to take more risks as a collective and, in turn, achieve positive growth on both sides.

It is the foundation for all prosperous relationships!
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Here at Gaia, you can always rely on us to see the project through. Our committed taskforce will work tirelessly to turn your vision into a reality
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Exceptional Quality

If there is one thing that we can guarantee, it’s quality. We want to deliver the very best for you. We settle for nothing less than extraordinary, which is why we always give 100% to get the job done.
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GAIA has maintained long-lasting and fruitful relationships with recurring clients.

About Our Founder

GAIA Events & Modeling was founded by Mario Costalas in 2006. Mario comes with years of experience on both sides of the fence. Throughout his career, he has worked for giants like Microsoft, Christian Dior, Japan Tobacco and JWT. Fast forward to today, Mario continues to manage one of the UAE’s leading strategic management and brand activations companies.

Preparation goes a long way.
For me, it is 80% of the total job.

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